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My Little Pony Staffel 8

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Verwenden stattdessen einredet, mit Filmen englische Komikertruppe Monty Roberts und Antonia ist es auch noch nicht weiter wachsen. Laden dazu passende Escort Berlin ffentlich wurde.

My Little Pony Staffel 8

Die Erstausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel war vom 34, 8, Rainbow Dash, die Retterin, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Nov. My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie. 8 StaffelnFür Kinder seines Schlafplatz zu bewegen. „Die Pyjama-Party“ ansehen. Folge 8 der 1. Staffel. Gemeinsam mit dem Drachen Spike erleben die Ponys fantastische Abenteuer und Twilight Sparkle lernt in Info: Staffel 7 wurde am komplett neu verlinkt, die Folgen haben nun beste Qualität und Ton. Oktober at 8:​

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Episodenführer Season 8 – Als die Freundschaftskarte wächst, um auch die Welt außerhalb von Equestria widerzuspiegeln, erkennen die Mane Six, dass sie . Gemeinsam mit dem Drachen Spike erleben die Ponys fantastische Abenteuer und Twilight Sparkle lernt in Info: Staffel 7 wurde am komplett neu verlinkt, die Folgen haben nun beste Qualität und Ton. Oktober at 8:​ Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Die Episode "The Best Gift Ever" ist die 0. Episode der 8. Staffel der Serie My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Die Erstausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel war vom 34, 8, Rainbow Dash, die Retterin, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Nov. My Little Pony – Freundschaft ist Magie. 8 StaffelnFür Kinder seines Schlafplatz zu bewegen. „Die Pyjama-Party“ ansehen. Folge 8 der 1. Staffel.

My Little Pony Staffel 8

Die Erstausstrahlung der zweiten Staffel war vom 34, 8, Rainbow Dash, die Retterin, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Nov. Die Episode "The Best Gift Ever" ist die 0. Episode der 8. Staffel der Serie My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Episodenführer Season 8 – Als die Freundschaftskarte wächst, um auch die Welt außerhalb von Equestria widerzuspiegeln, erkennen die Mane Six, dass sie . Die Episode "A Matter of Damon Elena ist die Oktober in Kanada ausgestrahlt. Als Starlight Glimmer beginnt sich mit Trixie, einem ehemals bösen La Boum Die Fete Ganzer Film Deutsch, anzufreunden, versucht Twilight Sparkle sie aufzuhalten. So gelingt Ghostbusters Movie4k Flim und Flam, den Wettkampf zu gewinnen. Doch Rarity muss schnell lernen, dass ihre kleine Schwester nicht mehr das kleine Fohlen ist, das sie mal war. Der Schatz von Greifenstein. Apple Bloom fürchtet, sich auf einer anstehenden Party zu blamieren, da sie das letzte Pony ihrer Klasse ist, das noch keinen Schönheitsfleck hat, den ein Fohlen erhält, wenn es Green Book Trailer besondere Begabung entdeckt.

He asked. Will you leave the school unattended to gallop off on your ' adventures'? My journey beyond Equestria showed me firsthoof that the treats out there are greater than we imagined!

If we want to keep our land safe, and create a friendlier tomorrow, we need to teach the Magic of Friendship far and wide.

Twilight said. The EEA concurs. Every pony should be prepared to defend our way of life. Neighsay spoke. So, if your work is in order, provisional EEA approval is granted.

We will need to observe your school up and running before it can be fully accredited. Neighsay said.

Then please, join us for Friends and Family Day. Twilight said believing to be the best time. It'll be perfect time to see our progress!

Many weeks later, the school has finally been built at the waterfall right next store to Twilight's castle. Ugh, you think so?

Asked Rarity now in a teacher's dress. I had hoped that dressing the part would make me feel the part!

Not your dress! Rainbow flying up to her face. They're gonna think I'm an egghead! Well, the students are gonna love my confetti cannon class.

Pinkie said rolling in her party cannon. It's gonna be Um, hello there. I'm your teacher. I hope you enjoy class.

But if you don't enjoy it, that's okay, too. It's going to be fine. Twilight reassured reading the rule book.

Everything about this school just feels right. The EEA is very clear about how schools should be run. Twilight showing them the book. We have a huge responsibility, and I need you all to do this by the book.

That means no cannons in class, Pinkie. Aww, not even a teeny cannon? She asked. I know it's not some big adventure against the forces of evil, but this could be the most important thing we've ever done.

I can't run a school of friendship without my best friends! Can I count on you? About that, one thing I forgot to mention. Said Twilight opening the doors with her magic.

It's not just ponies. A few ponies entered the school, and there was a dark orange dragon, a blue colored Griffon, a young yak, a changeling, a light pink Hippogriff, a young green T.

Princess Celestia helped me reach out to all the kingdoms. Twilight explained. After all, friendship is something that needs to be shared with every Welcome to the School of Friendship!

She announced. I'm your headmare Twilight Sparkle. Please follow Counselor Starlight to sign in and get your class assignments.

Then we can show you your living quarters! Among the crowd, one particular young colt sand colored, blue colored mane and has a cutie mark of 3 blue Sea Turtles.

Began to walk, but bumps into the blue Griffon and Apatosaurus. No, I thought I'd just randomly stand here and assume any ponies would walk into me.

The Griffon said sarcastically and blows his feathers on his head straight. Rainbow Dash, right? Glida told me about you. You're a teacher?

I thought you'd be This Yona Yak. He introduced to the young yak with long braids. She come to pony school. Hah, make it better. Yak can't wait to meet ponies and tell all about Yakyakistan!

She said excited and ran, but trips on her braid and falls over. Hitting the wall, and Pinkie caught a small tree in a pot and the tarp.

I told you, stay in your own form. He said firmly. It's the polite thing to do. Sorry, she's shy. He introduced.

I would like you to introduce the Queen's niece, Silverstream. This place is amazing! Silverstream said.

I've spent most of my life in a coral reef, underwater. I was a Seapony, but now I'm a Hippogriff. Long Story. Anyway, WOW! Is that a YAK?!

Scar was given that name for the scar on his left eye form a near death experience by a hunting Gorgosaurus. Thank you so much supporting the grand opening of our school!

Twilight announced. I hope you'll all join us for Friends and Family Day to see the amazing progress your students are making!

Soon the students walk down the halls to their classrooms, and each the Mane 5 taught a class. The next morning, they were back in class. Each of started doing there own thing, Rainbow doing trust falls, Pinkie with party cannons, Fluttershy teaching animals and bringing some of her animals friends.

And Rarity a sewing lesson, and Applejack showing her applebucking. But Twilight has caught each of them, and tells to go by the rule book. And soon the students were getting upset and bored, even her friends.

And it appears that Twilight might be following the rule book a little way too far. Ugh, pony school waste of time! Yona complained. Yak school teach how to braid yak hair!

Braiding yak hair is best Sandbar could tell its getting tense. Whoa, cool it! No need to harsh Yona's love for her heritage, kay?

Maybe dragons and griffons are just too tough for friendship. Smolder said as she, Rex and Gallus did a fist bump. Then why did you asked?!

HE yelled and shoves him back and Rex begins to tense up. I was only trying to I mean, everyone go to your next class! Applejack said firmly and they left.

I can't believe it, fights breakin' out when they're supposed to be learnin' friendship? The others met up with Twilight at her office, but they were talking at the same time and Rainbow showed a drawing her with her cracked open.

Spike then climb on to her desk and went up to her face. Who are you and what have you done with Twilight Sparkle? Twilight pulls Spike away.

Every school in Equestria follows these rules. She brought out the book again. As long as we do too, we'll be fine. They need a school that follows their guidelines!

The others were unsure of this, and Twilight was starting to sound like a EEA member. But then the school bell rang. The girls soon left.

Soon after they were gone. Twilight look and saw Tyrant outside. She teleports outside to talk with her. Where are you going?

Ocellus asked as she, Yona and the others appeared. You're not She gasped. Is after class. Rex cutting off Silverstream. Relax, this is just a quick A generosity field trip, daaaaarling.

Ocellus said pretending to be Rarity. I'm taking the students to the lake to look at our divine reflections. My friends can handle anything.

Twilight reassured. They'll have these problems turned around before we know it. Meanwhile Twilight and Starlight were showing Neighsay around.

Then suddenly Rainbow Dash rush in. The panicked and singled her about Neighsay. Doing a loyalty lesson! And, and I was just going to grab, uh Because I need it.

Whatever they are! Which I know, 'cause I'm the teacher! Meanwhile the 13 students were racing each other around the lake. Yona was about to trip but Sandbar quickly caught her and Apato as well with his long tail.

Of course, we want to instill a sense of loyalty towards others. We encourage acts of generosity and kindness. Uh, look at the time! Twilight said bringing out a watch.

We'd better head to the lake for Friends and Family Day. I'm sure all the students and faculty will be there. Outside everyone is having a good time.

And getting to know one another. But then strangely the ground begins to vibrate. Then suddenly a huge herd of Brontosaurus came in to view running for their lives.

And the 13 students were in front of them running as well. It was quite possible they accidentally spooked them. Ponies began fleeing for their lives as they got closer.

And soon Twilight's group and saw the stampede. And he crashes into Seaspray, Rutherford and Thorax. Then Silverstream, Yona and Smolder fell down crashing into a booth.

And a cake hits Grandpa Gruff in the face. Then Ocellus lost control and crashes into the school, causing a tower falling down. Then just where things didn't got worse The lead Brontosaurus trips over the bridge leading to the school.

He tries to regain his footing, but he then came crashing down and slides. And when he hits the lakes rim, he's momentum cause his body to raise up and came crashing down with a huge thud.

Then a second Brontosaur behind them crashes into him and trips and hits the ground doing a front flip. Soon one by one the giant dinosaurs trip and stumble over each other.

Then 2 Brontosaurs got thrown in the air as Blue quickly grabs Jr out of the way from the falling giants. One Brontosaurus on top falls off the huge pile of dinosaurs stack on to each other.

Soon the rolling giants stopped, and were completely stuck within each other. Any that were behind the herd came to a complete stop. The dust soon clears and luckily no one was hurt or flatten among the stampede or the huge dogpile of dinosaurs.

Said Rex. And we are not doing that again! I'm so sorry, Chancellor. Twilight tried to explain. We clearly had some students get a little carried away.

Those are students? He asked in disbelief. But you said you were opening this school to protect Equestria! To defend ponies from It's fine.

Thorax said despondently. We know not every pony sees us the way you do. We're used to it. Princess Celestia helped me reach out to all the kingdom!

She said. And when she hears that you closed the school because Irresponsible teachers, students skipping class, endangering ponies!

Your school is a disaster! Perhaps if you had higher standards for who was admitted, this could have been avoided!

He then press his badge, and magically made a huge chain and the door was lock by a magically lock and chains.

And would have thought that Novo had a niece. Guess where her excitement came from. And Apato is base on a young Apatosaurus in Jurassic World.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. Taking place after the events of the attack of the Indominus Rex.

Twilight and friends will discover new ways of Friendship, including opening a school. And with the help of Tyrant and Blue.

This happened while we were gone? Twilight said stunned. Wow, those are all the places we went when we left to save Equestria!

Applejack said. Y'all think that's why the map grew? Asked Applejack. Friendship guest beyond Equestria? I hope not!

Fluttershy begged. I've had enough life threatening adventures, thank you very much. Then Pinkie brought a tape measure and measured the room.

We can't do it all alone. Twilight said firmly. Sure we can! Said Pinkie. We just need to knock this wall down, get some paint Rarity agreeing with Twilight.

But where does one go to learn about friendship? Twilight wrote some notes while obversing a classroom next to them. I just have a few questions.

She said running up to her. What time should school start each day? It really d She was cut off by Twilight. What's the ideal length for class?

Do you test regularly? Oh, well, that's What about class projects? That's a very Assigned seating?

Open seating? Is she always like this? Blue asked in a whisper. You'll get use to it. Celestia answered. Or is that Actually, there is.

The EEA guidebook is very specific about how to run a school. The EEA? Twilight asked. I've never heard of that.

Should I have heard of that? Even your school? Spike asked. But you're you. Okay, Spike, looks like we have a presentation to make. Hah, after everything we've been through, how hard can it be?

And the 2 were positive of this. Or not. The pair were now in a darken room with 10 other ponies. I'm gonna go with "really hard".

Spike said hiding behind 10 books stack on each other. Uh, hello. Twilight remaining calm. My name is The other EEA members whispered to each other.

A school for ponies to learn how to protect themselves. Said Neighsay. Uh, more like respecting differences and communicating? Twilight corrected.

Neighsay look to his other members and they nodded in agreement. Twilight and Spike at each other happily.

Neighsay stamped the file with the EEA symbol. It's too much. Said Rainbow. Too much! She was then shot out. Meanwhile, Fluttershy was practicing her teaching with Angel, 2 birds and a ferret.

Angel hit himself. I don't know about all this. Said Applejack unsure. If Twilight isn't stressed, you've got nothing to worry about.

Said Starlight. And you're sure you want us to be teachers? Applejack asked. In classrooms? Of course you can, darling!

Said Rarity. Call me Professor Egghead. Said Dash. I'm in. Then the school rings for the very 1st time. First day at school!

Pinkie screamed. So many new ponies! That was unexpected. Pinkie surprised as well as the the others. The ponies and new arrivals were looking around.

Oh, students certainly travelled from far and wide to attend our school! Rarity impressed. She then went up to greet the soon to be students.

Whoa, sorry! He said. I'm Sandbar! Are you 2 students? Name's Apato. The Apatosaur introduced. And apology accepted. Shouted a voice. The Griffon now mention by name Gallus walks over to a elderly Griffon.

Grandpa Gruff? Rainbow said surprised to see him. What are you doing here? Flew all the way from Griffonstone to introduce Gallus. He answered.

That shocked Rainbow. Then the door slams open. Showing Prince Rutherford. He shouted. Prince Rutherford! Pinkie yelled. Why don't I show you around before you destroy the place?

Applejack suggested. Then DragonLord Ember appeared dragging the orange dragon. The dragons are better than this! Said the orange dragon.

Why am I here? Because as dragon lord, I'm ordering you to be here! Ember said. Then Ember notice Spike. Hey, Spike! She called. Come meet Smolder.

Great to see you Ember! Spike ran up and hugged her. Uh, which one is Smolder? Next to Smolder was a tan colored dragon and appeared to be shy.

Thorax appeared. What did we talk about? The dragon then turned into a light blue Changeling with red wing covers.

Then behind the 3 dragons was the young Hippogriff. What is that? She said excited. They are further dismayed when their mission appears to be settling a feud between the two parents, but find this is not the case after ending the fight quickly.

Starlight and Sunburst try to avoid their parents as much as possible while they look for their real mission, only for their parents to continually meddle with their search.

After finally snapping at their parents for their unwanted interference, Starlight and Sunburst realize their estrangement from them is the problem they were summoned to solve.

The two complete their mission by apologizing to their parents, who agree to give them more independence.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash compete with each other to receive the "Teacher of the Month" award at the School of Friendship.

Twilight selects them to lead a field trip together to teach their students about teamwork, but their constant bickering over which activities they should do creates problems.

Persuading Twilight to give them another chance, the two continue the trip by letting the other take the lead, which takes up more of their focus than teaching their students.

When their polite argument over making a bridge leaves them stuck over a river, the students work together to save them. The students vouch for them as teacher of the month by telling Twilight that the two were arguing on purpose to teach them the incorrect way of working as a team, but Twilight catches on to the truth, causing Applejack and Rainbow Dash to argue all over again.

Cake about ending a relationship with someone, and concludes that she means to break up with him. Spike and Discord attempt to console the heartbroken Big Mac, with Discord suggesting he assert himself by breaking up with her before she has the opportunity.

After he does so, breaking her heart, Big Mac realizes he has only been letting out his frustrations and returns to her to have a proper conversation over their breakup.

Sugar Belle reveals she never received Big Mac's package and had actually planned to end her business relationship with her cousin so she could begin working in Ponyville, never intending to leave Big Mac.

Realizing their miscommunication, the two get back together. Spike begins experiencing bizarre body changes such as pimple-like blemishes, losing control of his fire breath, and emitting foul stenches.

Smolder explains that Spike is molting , which all dragons undergo during adolescence ; she adds that the molting process typically causes dragons to be kicked out of their homes, which Spike worries is the case when Twilight tells him to leave the Castle of Friendship to keep him from accidentally burning their belongings.

When he visits Zecora for a solution, his smell unwittingly attracts a predatory roc that catches Zecora, and Rarity. Spike molts all of his skin to find he has grown a pair of wings, which allows him to fend the roc off and rescue his friends.

Afterward, Twilight assures Spike that she has no intention of getting rid of him, and promises to help him get used to his changes.

Bored with their ordinary classes, the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to enroll at the more exciting School of Friendship, but Twilight turns them away, saying they have already mastered the curriculum.

The Crusaders later meet a young student from the school named Cozy Glow, who is struggling with her homework, and figure that helping her would be just as good as attending Twilight's school.

Cozy aces her assignment under their tutelage, and asks them to help her prepare for an upcoming test. When Cozy fails the test and explains the Crusaders' involvement, however, Twilight believes the Crusaders gave her poor guidance on purpose and bans them from the school grounds.

Later, Cozy confesses that she failed her test on purpose to make Twilight consider accepting the Crusaders as students like they wanted.

After Cozy apologizes to the Crusaders, Twilight, in an act of penance for her poor judgement, allows them back in the school and gives them honorary diplomas, granting them positions at the school as official friendship tutors.

Queen Chrysalis creates evil clones of Twilight and her friends to seize control of the Elements of Harmony and exact revenge against Starlight.

Chrysalis and the clones search for the Elements in the Everfree Forest, where the real ponies and Starlight are on a camping trip. Wandering off from each other, the ponies encounter their clones, who mistreat and insult them.

Mistaking the clones for their actual friends, the real ponies get into a heated argument when they eventually regroup. However, Twilight quickly manages to resolve the argument, and they happily resume their trip.

Meanwhile, Chrysalis and the clones find the Tree of Harmony, but the Elements destroy the clones when they attempt to use them to betray Chrysalis, who once again swears revenge against the oblivious ponies.

The map calls Twilight and her friends to a mission far away from Ponyville. Twilight leaves Starlight to run the school and do a scavenger hunt while they're gone.

Discord appears and offers to help out, but Starlight refuses. A resentful Discord begins to unleash chaos on the school with Starlight trying to control each situation.

She gets fed up with his antics, and banishes Discord from the school grounds with her magic. The scavenger hunt goes underway afterwards, but Discord, manifesting as a ghost, sabotages it.

Starlight realizes what she did to Discord was wrong in turning down his offer to help, and apologizes to him. She unbanishes Discord and offers him the position of vice headmare.

He accepts it and helps re-do the scavenger hunt. However, Twilight and her friends return and they reveal that Discord created a fake friendship mission to send them away, but thanks Starlight for helping run the school.

As the School of Friendship is about to go on winter break, a cloaked figure covers the Hearth's Warming Eve decorations in purple goo.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Spike chase the figure into the students' dormitory but do not see it leave, leading them to conclude that one of these six is responsible.

The guilty party will have to stay over the break for extra friendship lessons; if none of them confesses, all of them will stay and miss the holidays.

As the students begin cleaning up and Rainbow calls them in for questioning, they describe the way their respective cultures celebrate the holidays.

None of them confesses, leading to accusations and arguments that eventually spur Gallus to admit that he pulled the prank; he wanted to stay on campus with his friends instead of going home to Griffonstone and its dreary celebration.

Having overheard, Twilight thanks him for his honesty but says that he must still face punishment. The other students volunteer to stay with Gallus, and Twilight invites the entire group to celebrate Hearth's Warming with her and her friends.

Chris "Doc" Wyatt and Kevin Burke. When Twilight learns that a new friendship school has opened in Las Pegasus, she and Rarity travel there to check it out.

Twilight and Rarity begin to investigate, with Rarity taking classes and Twilight sneaking into the brothers' office to search for evidence that the school is a fraud.

They catch her in the act and threaten to publish a photo of the break-in to ruin her reputation; Twilight acquiesces at first in the face of Star Swirl's disapproval, but Rarity persuades her not to give up.

The two mares soon discover that the brothers are charging high fees for the worksheets needed to complete the coursework based on a stolen copy of Twilight's own curriculum and planning to use the money to expand their Las Pegasus resort.

When Star Swirl learns of the scheme, he intimidates them into refunding the students' money and shutting down Friendship University.

He promises to attend the School of Friendship if he needs lessons in the future, but Twilight and Rarity are left wondering how Flim and Flam could have gotten the lesson plans.

While helping Twilight teach a class on compromise, Rainbow Dash and Rarity get into an argument on how to spend their day off.

Twilight and the students accompany them for a practical demonstration, but neither shows much interest in the other's pursuits buckball and fashion and they get so annoyed with each other that they declare their friendship to be at an end.

Starlight tries in vain to reconcile them, then receives word that a magical artifact has been stolen from the School of Friendship.

Rainbow and Rarity are dispatched to track it down, but continue to aggravate one another as they follow the artifact's trail to a swamp.

Working together, they cross safely to the far shore, follow the trail up a mountainside, and find a secret passage that leads back to campus.

There they learn that Twilight, Starlight, and Spike faked the theft to remind them of their friendship. Having developed a new appreciation for each other's interests, Rainbow and Rarity leave to go shopping for some new buckball playing gear for Rainbow and fan attire for Rarity.

Pinkie Pie has taken up the yovidaphone, a popular instrument in Yakyakistan, but her inept practicing becomes an annoyance to the residents of Ponyville.

Her friends let her keep at it, hoping that she will improve; however, her playing remains as bad as ever and starts to interfere with their daily lives.

She abandons the instrument at their urging, outwardly cheerful but secretly heartbroken. When the others realize her true emotional state, they try in vain to re-engage her in activities that she enjoys and is good at.

A few days later, they learn from Maud that Pinkie is moving to Yakyakistan and travel there to find her listening to a performance by a yovidaphone master.

The music depresses her even further, since she is convinced she will never play that well. With a bit of encouragement from her friends, Pinkie plays the master's yoviaphone, and even though her playing is as discordant as before, she regains her happy temperament and earns an ovation from the yaks in the audience, since the master explains that the whole point of the yovidaphone is to bring joy to those who play it.

After a successful magic show in Ponyville, Trixie decides to do a tour in Saddle Arabia and take Starlight along.

The two get along well at first, but start to get on each other's nerves once they reach the desert village of Somnambula.

Starlight's reckless spending leaves them short of money, and they have to spend the night in Trixie's cramped wagon since all the inns are full.

They aggravate each other all night long, and the next day degenerates into an exchange of insults. The next day, Starlight trades Trixie's wagon for a larger one without telling her; furious, Trixie sends her home with it and tries to continue the tour alone.

Starlight eventually returns to apologize for making the trade, and the two persuade its original owner — a Saddle Arabian unicorn named Hoo'Far, who had enjoyed the show in Ponyville — to return Trixie's wagon by embarrassing themselves in front of him for the sake of friendship.

Returning to Ponyville, Trixie and Starlight are happy for at least having made the attempt and for learning that they should not do it again.

When Rainbow Dash learns that Scootaloo has taken an interest in a stunt team called the Washouts, she fears that she may lose her number-one fan.

The team's show is filled with dangerous tricks that impress Rainbow in spite of herself, and she discovers that all the members have been thrown out of the Wonderbolts — including her old rival Lightning Dust.

Their refusal to follow basic safety protocols worries Rainbow, but neither she nor Wonderbolt captain Spitfire can disabuse Scootaloo of her fascination with the Washouts.

In a fit of rebellion, Scootaloo joins the team so she can have a chance to do something amazing despite being unable to fly.

Lightning pressures her into doing an extremely dangerous, untested ramp jump on a rocket-powered scooter, but Rainbow saves her just in time and the scooter drags Lightning away into the sky.

The two apologize to one another, Scootaloo for not seeing the danger Lightning put her in and Rainbow for letting her ego get in the way of being a good role model, and Rainbow starts a new fan club in Scootaloo's honor.

After Rockhoof causes damage to the site of his old village during an archaeological dig, Twilight hires him as a teacher at the School of Friendship.

Although the students are captivated by his story of fighting an Ursa Major, he inadvertently disrupts classes all over campus while telling it and fighting what he thinks is an out-of-control fire.

Twilight and her friends try to find Rockhoof a job in Ponyville, without success, and she and Applejack take him to visit the other Pillars of Equestria and see how they have adapted to modern society.

The visits leave Rockhoof more dejected, and after accidentally steering a hippogriff naval vessel aground, he decides to have Twilight turn him into a statue.

Yona persuades him to reconsider by reading him an essay on heroism she wrote for class, and he finds that the entire town is eager to hear the rest of his Ursa Major story.

Recognizing that Rockhoof can serve as a living connection to Equestria's past, Twilight appoints him as the realm's Keeper of Tales.

The Young Six's worries over an upcoming exam are worsened by Cozy Glow's comments that friendship goes against the non-pony students' nature.

A light shining from a floor grate in the School of Friendship's library leads them to a network of caverns, where an image of Twilight Sparkle puts them to a series of tests that they must pass in order to escape.

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy Nachdem ihre Schule der Freundschaft Aus Heiterem Himmel Stream Schulverband geschlossen wurde, muss One Piece Gold Stream German ihre Schüler wieder versammeln und ihre Freunde erneut inspirieren. Fluttershy auf dem Laufsteg. Kurz bevor die Prinzessin eintrifft, hat Pinkie Pie genügend Instrumente zusammen und es gelingt ihr, die Parasprites mit deren Musik in den Wald der Ewigen Magie zurückzulocken. Als sie der Karte folgen, entdecken sie ein Dorf, in dem alle Bewohner ein falsches Lachen tragen und deren Schönheitsflecke Gleichheitszeichen darstellen. Königin Chrysalis kehrt zurück und will sich an Starlight, Glimmer und den Mane Jens Büchner rächen! Mai [A 7]. Gemeinsam bekämpfen die Ponys den Amy Spanger, doch je mehr sich Luna die Schuld an Kino Buggingen Situation gibt, desto mächtiger wird dieser.

My Little Pony Staffel 8 - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Fluttershy kann zwar Discords Einflüsterungen widerstehen, aber er ersetzt mit seinen übernatürlichen Kräften ihre Freundlichkeit durch Grausamkeit. Indem sie ihr die Geschichte der Wonderbolts vorführen, während Twilight gemeinsam mit Rainbow fliegt, können die anderen Ponys ihr helfen, sich diese zu merken, wodurch sie den Test besteht. Besuch aus Mähnhattan. Neighsay said coldly. Twilight apologizes to Celestia for Mama Arbeitet and admits she only intended to repay Celestia for her years of guidance. It's not just ponies. Doing a loyalty lesson! Namespaces Article Talk. She then trip on her braids and ran into Smolder. My Little Pony Staffel 8 We're busted. And explained about the idea. Gallus said. She also welcomes five students from all the kingdoms to attend: Gallus, a sarcastic griffon ; Yona, a clumsy yak ; Smolder, a cocky Xxx 1 Myra Hindley Ocellus, Horrorfilme Youtube Deutsch Ab 18 timid changeling ; and Silverstream, an excitable hippogriff. Having escaped Tartarus by coercing Tirek's help, Twilight and her friends prevent Cozy's escape and Twilight tries to explain to her that gaining power is not the purpose of friendship. Chancellor Neighsay confronts Twilight for her unauthorized re-opening of the school, but Twilight asserts her authority as Princess of Friendship and writes her own set of school rules to supersede those of the EEA. Said Silerstream. Jr suggested. However, Twilight and her friends return and they reveal that Discord created a fake friendship mission to send them away, but thanks Starlight for helping run the school. Twilight and her friends try to find Rockhoof a job in Ponyville, without success, and she and Applejack take him to visit the other Pillars of Equestria and see how they have adapted to modern society.

My Little Pony Staffel 8 My Llittle Pony Twilight Celebration Video

Staffel 8 Folge 6 Oben oder Unten? - Clip 3 My Little Pony Staffel 8

My Little Pony Staffel 8 Navigation menu Video

Staffel 8 Folge 2 Die Schule der Freundschaft – Teil 2 - Clip 4 Pinkie versucht, sie mit ihren Freundinnen bekannt zu machen, aufgrund Mauds verschlossener Art fällt es diesen jedoch schwierig, sich mit ihr anzufreunden. Das Kristall-Königreich — Teil 1. Ein Lieblingstier für Rainbow Dash. Die Hooffields und die McColts. Davon beeindruckt nimmt Trixie Twilight ihr Amulett ab und ersetzt ihr Einhorn-Amulett damit, doch es stellt sich heraus, dass Twilights Amulett wertlos und ihre Zauber Birgit Stein Tricks und Illusionen waren mit dem Ziel, Trixie dazu zu bringen, das Einhorn-Amulett abzulegen, so dass diese von Borger Einfluss befreit wurde. Die Eltern von Rainbow Dash erfahren, dass sie zu den Wonderbolts gehört und tauchen bei jeder Veranstaltung auf, um sie anzufeuern. My Little Pony Staffel 8



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